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The oil and gas industry faces unprecedented challenges due to market uncertainty, escalating environmental concerns and persistent pressure for improved performance. Organisations must start rethinking business models, reducing risks and embracing transition in a rapidly changing environment.

As a new energy future emerges, knowing what strategies to implement is the difference between surviving and thriving. Our oil and gas consulting experts help organisations leverage the right solutions and position them to shape the future of energy, capture maximum value and deliver diverse, sustainable and affordable energy options.

In this highly competitive landscape, the biggest risk is being reactive or slow in response. Here are some key and tough business challenges we are regularly working with key players in the industry to address:

Accelerating the delivery of transitional energy

Optimising capital for increased deliverability and reduced

Organisational restructuring to prioritise performance

As the world transitions to a low‑carbon future, the oil and gas industry must find new ways to manage the impacts of decarbonisation, oil price volatility, increasing government regulation and the rise of transitional energy.

With environmental concerns mounting and transitional energy sources on the rise, oil and gas companies face an urgent need to identify new opportunities and secure their place in the market. They must develop new business models and operational approaches to weather supply chain shocks, deliver more energy options, and reduce costs.

The way forward

Our expertise lies in understanding how much improvement is possible, where it lies in your organisation and what it is worth. We can then develop a roadmap to help you seize the biggest opportunities.

By working with our clients, we address each business challenge to ensure effective, lasting change occurs throughout the organisation. Whether it’s reducing risk, lowering costs, or accelerating the delivery of transitional energy, we can help make a lasting impact.

For new future is emerging for oil and gas as prices rise and energy transition plans accelerate. As such, organisations are re‑evaluating capital plans and future projects, asking: what is the right path to reduce costs and optimise existing assets?

Oil and gas projects must look for new ways to deliver value. There is an immediate need to change labour models and make them future‑proof to provide a long‑term edge over competitors.

A tighter focus on capital investment and cost reductions can be difficult to navigate in a corporate culture where it is foreign, but this is not a journey any organisation needs to take alone.

Creating consensus

Our approach is designed to create consensus and alignment, identify net cash benefits and prioritise opportunities.

We have a proven history of reducing costs and risks for organisations by restructuring departments, promoting greater accountability across roles and implementing new key performance indicators.

Organisational restructures are typically regarded as a last resort due to necessity – essentially a defensive move. Instead, they should be viewed as an opportunity for continuous improvement.

Restructure is often feared by companies and seen as an overt acknowledgement that the status quo is no longer 'fit for purpose'. In fact, it is an opportunity to embed continuous improvement principles across an organisation, so it becomes self‑perpetuating and a constant focus.

Any such change can only begin from a place of curiosity and understanding. What are the best practices? How are existing processes and systems perceived by employees? How are performances measured and managed?

The way forward

Your people represent your biggest opportunity, and often also the biggest challenge. Gaining a ‘frontline’ view of your core operations around what is and is not working, not only helps you to identify improvement opportunities, but it creates buy‑in around operational and organisational changes.

Alan Trench

The oil and gas industry is set to change. Those that will succeed in the near future will be the ones who get the most volume for the least cost and spend their capital most efficiently. Our job is to train you and your organisation to be one step ahead for what comes next.

Alan Trench

Director, Head of Latin America

Our work in the energy industry across a broad range of functions has provided us with the opportunity to help weak assets survive and strong assets thrive in this fast‑changing landscape.

Our oil and gas consulting team of global experts includes a mix of consultants and industry experts with substantial experience across refineries, conventional and unconventional oil and gas, as well as new energy.

We work in close partnership with our clients to deliver results at every stage of the project lifecycle, coaching at all levels to ensure the necessary skills and tools are fully embedded across the organisation to ensure long-term success.


10% procurement and supply chain savings with 5-10% in large categories and 5-8% in tail spend savings


75% emission reduction through the design and execution of plans to reduce emissions and GHG footprint from ongoing operations


accelerate construction processes by 20-30%, ensuring asset delivery at or better than time and budget targets


A collection of analysis, research and stories about our capabilities from our Oil and Gas experts.

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Client success stories


Created an emission reduction strategy to reduce greenhouse gas intensity by 70% through NPV+ projects

Identified a 35% EBIT improvement pipeline at a large and complex oil refinery

Optimised base production in unconventionals, reducing production loss level to less than 3%

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