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In the current inflationary environment, we are seeing a lot of investors pushing operational performance improvement in their portfolio. As a result, we’re expecting a lot of match‑fit companies to come to market next year.

Already, we have seen that the rapid normalisation and widespread acceptance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns and the explosive growth in ESG funds are driving all sorts of business and investment activity in this space. Business leaders are no longer waiting to see how governments act; they are increasingly setting the path forward and subtly insisting that governments catch up.

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Interest rates will rise as the world recovers from COVID-19, but many of our clients ask, will the world’s economies rise in tandem? We see a few common and emerging business challenges among our clients:

Building up digital maturity to drive transformations and amplify capability

Simplifying programs and reducing failure and overrun risks

Controlling technology costs by focusing on value

Digital maturity is directly linked to effective transformations. How can you ensure unlocking value is front and centre in your digital transformation?

Many organisations undertake a transformation without assessing their digital maturity or capability to drive it to success. Lower digital maturity often leads to unclear strategies or objectives and slow and ineffective transformations, with 9 out of 10 digital projects failing. Organisations with strong digital maturity outperform competitors in terms of growth, resiliency, time to market and the ability to drive future transformations.

As digital continues to play a key role in organisational performance, the disparity between digital frontrunners and stragglers will widen.

Our Digital Maturity Assessment acts as readiness check to determine your starting point and capability. By identifying levers to accelerate your digital transformation, it helps you create a shared language to understand current gaps and rally your team behind a case for change. We work side‑by‑side with you to combine technology and execution to start and scale your transformation, before helping drive it to success by embedding behaviour changes to capture benefits and achieve lasting impact.

Overruns, delays and re‑scoping are common to any program failure. How can you create a pipeline for deployment where accountability is key?

Program failure is still extremely common and rarely is as explicit as a program being abandoned.

Instead, it manifests in dramatic cost overruns, delays and re‑scoping exercises that mask ongoing redefinitions of success, leading to technology becoming outdated or redundant by the time it is deployed.

Execute at pace, front‑load benefit generation, and hold your business leaders accountable

Modularised program design and delivery accountability are critical to mitigating risks and maintaining a high‑velocity deployment pipeline that delivers incremental early value.

Done the right way, modularisation allows companies to reinstate single‑point accountability and ownership of business lines for delivery of individual program components associated with specific value outcomes – accountability that is often lost when implementation is delegated to monolithic technology divisions.

As demand for technology increases, so too does the cost to deploy it. IT departments and tools are becoming an ever‑more meaningful component in an environment marked by rising pressure to reduce overall costs.

Advances in technology are driving business appetite for digital transformation, cloud solutions, cybersecurity and AI. But with recent inflationary cost increases, organisations must be ready to aggressively manage and optimise growing tech budgets for value.

Our approach combines IT cost savings with optimisation to deliver lasting value. Traditional levers such as renegotiating service levels and contracts remain effective. However, equally important are managing demand, minimising service costs and leveraging existing capabilities rather than building new custom solutions. We believe that consistent alignment with your business strategy, filling any gaps but also removing any unnecessary, overlooked or gold‑plated cost elements, is what delivers the best value outcome for business.

Digital project portfolios are often not linked to value and outcomes

Transformation ambitions usually come with unclear and slow‑moving digital project portfolios that lack strong value and velocity. As a result, critical projects are frequently delayed, have little financial payback and can damage brands and organisations.

Optimising your digital project portfolio is critical to project completion, securing returns on resources and minimising reputational damage. We help you embed portfolio governance across all stages of the project lifecycle to increase project velocity and quality – and in turn, uplift employee experience. By simplifying and clarifying your pipeline process, we help you create a structured and disciplined approach for executing projects while engaging both technical and operational stakeholders to define fit‑for‑purpose solutions and manage dependencies.

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In many ways, due diligence is like the toughest sport on Earth. In high-level sport, there are marginal differences between the gold and silver medal – usually a fraction of a percentage. We find that extra benefit outside of the spreadsheet by bringing deep operations knowledge and excellence to the playing field. Where we work, in our ‘game’ – winner takes all.

Ben Thompson


Success in due diligence is achieved through finding the balance between avoiding a poor investment and seeing value where others do not. Across industries, our transaction advisory services clients have found us to be the right partners to identify and communicate business value.

We know where to find sources of value and have extensive benchmark performance across sales force effectiveness, cost‑out and capital management and procurement synergies.

Across more than 125 successful due diligences, we identify and drive lasting EBITDA growth


10-20% EBITDA improvement delivered in 2-5 years


15-25% revenue improvement in five years, often delivering half hard dollar value in the first two years


6-18% in addressable spend savings

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Client success stories


Identified 30-60% EBITDA growth opportunities at a target multinational healthcare business

Identified >$80m additional benefits across target FMCG business

Identified $200m EBITDA improvement potential in a target multinational logistics company

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