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EVP Product Development & PMO

"WiredUp brought an immediacy and a transparency that we never had in our business before. The learning curve is not massively steep, so it was a very effective way of mobilising the organisation around what we’re trying to do."

EVP Product Development & PMO

Consumer Goods Manufacturer


Initiative management that leads to impact

Centralise your improvement initiatives into one integrated digital transformation platform that simplifies the management of your improvement ideas. Take control over the full lifecycle management of your financial and non-financial initiatives, from concept to lasting value delivery. Our platform enables you to:

  • Manage and monitor initiative related cash flows, investments and value creation
  • Visualise key value drivers to identify and optimise performance
  • Track risks and proactively mitigate them
  • Create workplans and Gantt charts to plan, track and drive initiatives
  • Calculate and measure benefits generated by your initiatives
  • Forecast expected value and incorporate it into your calculations and planning
  • Stage-gate initiative approvals to create robust governance around improvements
  • WiredUp empowers you to manage every initiative from a central hub and helps your transformations achieve success.


    Gain a holistic view of your initiative portfolio

    Execute major transformation programs that are focused on value, transparency, ownership and accountability. WiredUp allows you to aggregate your initiatives into portfolios, programs and workstreams to simplify their management, ensuring every initiative aligns with your strategic goals and drives impactful change. Our platform allows you to:

  • Break down programs into discrete workstreams, initiatives and activities
  • Aggregate initiatives into portfolios, programs and workstreams
  • Set precise targets, owners and delivery milestones with integrated Gantt charts at every stage
  • Develop dashboards to give leaders effortless visibility on relevant insights across the program, workstreams and sub-workstreams
  • Unleash the full potential of your initiatives and drive your transformation programs to success.

    Additional module features


    Risk management

    Quickly generate risk reports to visualise risks, mitigation strategies and people responsible for addressing them. Prioritise and escalate risks to the workstream or program level efficient visibility and management.

    Add-on modules

    The following add-on features are available in this plan

    Make WiredUp even more powerful and efficient with our value driver diagnostic add-on. It empowers you to model key process or even your whole business with value driver trees to identify bottlenecks, inefficient operations and key value generators while allowing for sensitivity, attribution and variance analysis.

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    Take control of your decarbonisation program with WiredUp’s emissions management add-on. Manage your organisation’s emission reduction programs from a central source. Set targets, define emissions factors, conduct scenario planning and forecasting and review the impact and cost-effectiveness of programs with an integrated marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) analysis.

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