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Emission management

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Plan scenarios with carbon accounting software

Reduce the administration of planning, tracking and executing your carbon emissions reduction program. Identify key areas to focus your emissions-reduction efforts by developing up to five different scenarios for fuel consumption and the associated emissions forecasts for your entire organisation. Go further and visualise emissions data at a granular level by breaking consumption down by organisation structure, activity and fuel type.


Emission management and forecasting

Forecast and analyse carbon emissions across your entire organisation to visualise the future emissions trajectory for each planned scenario. Easily filter emissions at the activity or organisational level to see how they contribute to your overall carbon emission reduction targets.


Measure initiative impact

See the impact of each carbon emission abatement initiative over time by charting their potential or planned reductions against forecasted scenarios. Explore how different initiative groupings impact the overall decarbonisation roadmap of your organisation and discover which combinations can deliver the best long-term reductions.


Calculate marginal abatement cost

Gain deeper insight into the cost and abatement potential of each carbon emission reduction initiative through a marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) chart. By analysing the MACC, you can calculate the trade-offs between the associated costs of each emissions reduction initiative and their abatement potential.

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Emission targets

Set organisation-wide or individual location carbon emissions reduction targets to stay on track and meet your decarbonisation roadmap milestones.


Emission factors

By setting fuel and electricity types by location you can calculate your produced emissions to see what role each part of the organisation plays in your carbon emissions reduction efforts.



Set up the key activities that contribute to emissions production across your organisation at a location and department level. Link them to your organisational structure, one or more planned scenarios, and set them by fuel or electricity type for a higher level of precision in your emissions reduction scenario planning.

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