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Diagnostics and analysis

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Iron Ore Mine

"WiredUp is a game changer. It provides us with better visibility on our KPIs and accountability for actions."

Iron Ore Mine

Senior General Manager


Track and manage key performance indicators

Empower your organisation to achieve goals by effectively tracking key metrics with custom KPIs. Whether you want to increase production or reduce downtime, WiredUp allows you to effortlessly set baseline or performance targets and revise them as needed with actuals data, giving you a clear eye on the performance of every process so you can leverage real-time measurements to fuel your organisation.


Track change with value driver trees

Map out workflows in your organisation with value driver trees (VDTs) to easily visualise every key process and link them to your KPIs. Track real-time performance measurements for specific processes or for your entire operations, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

WiredUp’s user-friendly VDTs provide a clear and comprehensive view of your operations, accommodating thousands of nodes driven by different KPIs. They help you identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and key value drivers, giving you a deeper insight into where to drive improvements in your organisation.

attribution analysis

Improve process through value analysis

Uncover new insights into your processes through advanced analytics, including sensitivity, attribution and what-if scenarios, applied to each value driver tree (VDT) and see the impact changing KPIs have on value drivers across your organisation.

Every analysis utilises up-to-date KPI values, empowering you to identify the best levers to pull in order to achieve positive outcomes, either to improve specific operations or to successfully drive global transformations.

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