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20 May 2020

Hard-wiring safe behaviour

Gareth Huckle, a Director at Partners in Performance and Head of Africa region, recently spoke to The Mining Executive for an in depth feature on safety. He shared how to drive and embed safety as a standard behaviour across an operation. In an industry faced with increasing challenges, stringent application of safety legislation being high among them, mining companies are having to re-assess their safety approach entirely. Gareth explains: “More and more of our clients are telling us that their operations 'look good on paper' i.e. they are performing well in various safety audits, but this is not translating into better safety performance 'on the ground'''.

So how can companies achieve a more comprehensive and holistic approach? Gareth outlines the key elements through Partners in Performance ‘Safety Wiring Pyramid’ and shares the results from recent research conducted for one of the firm’s clients. It identifies the seven common and key characteristics of global safety leaders.

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