Christina Urwand
Christina Urwand

Christina Urwand

Regional Recruitment Leader

North America


Summary Bio

Christina is the Recruitment Manager for the North America region at Partners in Performance. Splitting her time between Florida and New York, she is responsible for leading talent acquisition across North America and excels at identifying and selecting exceptional candidates to help our clients unleash their potential.

Christina brings a wealth of recruitment experience from her previous role as a Talent Acquisition Manager at Boston Consulting Group. Christina has experience working with both campus and experience level hiring. Prior to working in consulting, Christina developed talent programs and lead recruitment teams in the commercial real estate industry of New York City.

Her work ethic is influenced by her dual degree in Psychology and Business Management, which helped her build a strong foundation for identifying and nurturing talent that aligns with organisational objectives. This has also fuelled Christina's relentless curiosity and drives her to understand what motivates people and how to best support their career aspirations. She wants to genuinely see people flourish professionally and is proud to be a catalyst for their success.

At Partners in Performance, Christina is driven by integrity and is a firm believer that diversity and inclusion are crucial for innovation and progress. Her unwavering desire to treat every candidate with respect, honesty and fairness has led her to constantly stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. This has allowed her to cultivate an extensive network of connections and leverage cutting‑edge technologies to drive transformative change.

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