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"WiredUp is a great project management reporting tool which allows us to identify the status and value of each initiative in our ideas pipeline through the simple click of a button."

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Implemenent successful improvement initiatives

Centralise your improvement initiatives into one integrated digital transformation platform that streamlines programs and helps empower your teams to work collaboratively towards the same objectives. Experience the full lifecycle management of your financial and non-financial improvement ideas, from concept to lasting value delivery. Our platform enables you to:

  • Evaluate and prioritise project investment and value creation with cash flow management
  • Visualise key value drivers to identify and optimise their performance
  • Track risks and proactive mitigate them
  • Plan, track and drive projects with interactive workplans and Gantt charts
  • Calculate and measure benefits generated by your improvement initiatives
  • Enter forecast values to evaluate how realised benefits align to your plan
  • Manage initiative progress, from evaluation to lock-in with stage-gated approval workflows
  • WiredUp helps you drive initiatives to completion and achieve your strategic goals.


    Measure initative success with our NPV calculator

    Drive the success of your initiatives by evaluating their financial viability before implementation. WiredUp’s cash flows and investment evaluation module allows you to:

  • Calculate essential financial metrics such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return(IRR) and payback period
  • Record and track current and projected cash flows for the entire initiative lifecycle
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions to ensure the suitability and future success of every initiative.


    See how initiatives impact key value drivers

    Gain valuable insights into your initiative by using value driver trees (VDTs) to highlight value generators and identify bottlenecks or inefficient stages. WiredUp seamlessly integrates KPIs with VDTs so you can compare real-time data against baselines and targets, giving you a comprehensive and dynamic view of every process. Our VDT feature offers:

  • Modelling of key value driver process to help track the progress of improvement implementation
  • Real-time visibility on processes to drive informed decision-making and proactive adjustments
  • Robust tracking of financial and non-financial metrics related to your initiatives, giving you an accurate view of their impact
  • Get real-time modelling and tracking of initiative value driver processes, their improvement progress and their impact.


    Plan and track initatitve progress with Gantt Charts

    Execute your initiatives with ease by efficiently planning every step with workplans and easily assigning responsibilities to your team. WiredUp gives you clear visibility into initiative progress and actions specific to them, so you can plan each implementation to ensure success. Our workplans module offers:

  • Simplified initiative implementation and planning
  • Responsibility assignment to foster collaboration and accountability in your team
  • Effective monitoring and decision-making through comprehensive progress tracking
  • User-friendly activity and task management that allows you to add activities from Gantt charts
  • Easily create workplans to streamline initiative implementation and align your team to work towards the same objectives.

    Explore the Initiatives module’s additional features



    WiredUp’s enables you to effortlessly forecast financial and non-financial benefits. Enter or import forecasted values for real-time reporting on current or projected benefit realisation and gain deeper insights into the impact of each initiative.


    Risk tracking

    Efficiently manage risks with WiredUp’s integrated risk tracking feature. Customise risk impacts, severities and categories to align with your organisations needs and record initiative risks, mitigation options and assign owners for proactive and effective risk management.


    Stage-gated approval workflow

    Achieve greater control over managing your initiatives from start to finish. WiredUp’s streamlines your approval process creation of custom workflows, checklists and approvers to ensure a controlled and structured progression of initiatives along the pipeline.


    Benefit realisation

    Unleash potential in your initiatives with WiredUp’s integrated benefit realisation. Through real-time calculations based on actual performance metrics from KPIs, you’ll have instant visibility into both financial and non-financial benefit realisation.



    Benefit from out-of-the-box reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights into your data. For enhanced reporting flexibility, seamlessly embed Microsoft Power BI reports into WiredUp, tailoring the reporting experience to your specific needs.

    Add-on modules

    The following add-on features are available in this plan

    Make WiredUp even more powerful and efficient with our value driver diagnostic add-on. It empowers you to model key process or even your whole business with value driver trees to identify bottlenecks, inefficient operations and key value generators while allowing for sensitivity, attribution and variance analysis.

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    Take control of your decarbonisation program with WiredUp’s emissions management add-on. Manage your organisation’s emission reduction programs from a central source. Set targets, define emissions factors, conduct scenario planning and forecasting and review the impact and cost-effectiveness of programs with an integrated marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) analysis.

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