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Our Social Values

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We seek to cultivate a sense of purpose in the workplace and do good in the world.

The core Partners in Performance principles are to focus on our pursuit to maximise the value we create collectively as an organisation for our clients, our people and our planet. We value the things that matter and hold strong resolve to 'do the right thing' in bringing positive change across all aspects of our business and to the world we share.

By bringing opportunities and creating space for our people to do meaningful work in a way that feels authentic to them, we help them live their personal values so we can collectively make a lasting, positive impact.

We are honoured to be a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

Our commitment to Net Zero

We strive across all aspects of our business to being a driving force in helping transition the planet to cleaner energy

We are driven to make a lasting impact for the good of all

Our commitment to giving back to the communities we work and live in is at the core of everything we do. We are honoured to work with our clients, our people and our communities to make a positive and lasting impact across the planet. Find out how we live our social values below.

Inclusion and diversity conversations
'Having diversity of people, who have different ways of doing or thinking about things, is critical to coming up with the right solutions and answers to stay ahead.'

Making a difference by giving back

We strive to make a social impact by bringing the strengths of our organisation and the talents and passion of our people together to create a positive impact in society and help make the world a better place for all.

Pro bono success stories


Siċaŋġu Co: Delivered a 10-year economic development roadmap (EDR) will deploy a total project value of $0.5bn across four strategies.

NACCHO: Delivered a comprehensive business case for Federal funding in the amount of ~$49 million over five years to uplift connectivity and digital capability to improve telehealth opportunities for members.

Door of Hope: Identified and addressed pain points in the donor journey and management systems.

Australian Schools Plus: Refreshed donor outreach strategy so it is relevant, insightful, and based on data from 39 donors.

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We actively reduce the climate impact from our operations and invest in community-based climate solutions to balance remaining carbon emissions