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"WiredUp enabled meaningful management meetings. It allowed each area manager to talk about their successes, challenges, disappointments and emerging issues, and empowered them to ask our project manager what things we needed help with."

Mining Services

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Foster continuous improvement with individual meetings

Optimise your organisational efficiency with streamlined one-to-one reviews that foster effective communication, elevate performance, and boost engagement. WiredUp empowers you to proactively address challenges and seize opportunities by offering comprehensive tracking and reporting up and down the line. Our individual review meeting module offer:

  • Streamlined one-on-one reviews to identify and address issues earlier
  • Clear KPI charts provide valuable insights for informed decision-making
  • Actionable next steps ensure progress and accountability
  • Idea pipelines to foster innovation and drive success
  • Compliance reviews and audits for airtight operations
  • Detailed reports for comprehensive visibility into individual performance
  • Optimise your processes, drive success and foster a culture of continuous improvement in every person across your organisation.


    A single source of truth for group meetings

    Experience seamless meeting management by effortlessly designing and facilitating cascading meetings that bring clarity and focus to your teams. WiredUp lets you run meetings directly from the source of truth, so you won’t lose time creating extra material, searching through scattered notes or finding old email attachments. Our group meeting module allows you to:

  • Clearly define the purpose, payoff, process, preparation, and participants for each meeting
  • Capture actions and decisions in real-time, ensuring accountability and progress
  • Integrate relevant KPIs and reports for a comprehensive review of performance
  • Stay up to date with a dynamic ideas pipeline, fuelling innovation and growth
  • Take control of your group meetings and unleash your team’s full potential by streamlining collaboration and productivity.

    Add-on module

    The following add-on features are available in this plan

    Make WiredUp even more powerful and efficient with our value driver diagnostic add-on. It empowers you to model key process or your whole business with value driver trees to identify bottlenecks, inefficient operations and key value generators while allowing for sensitivity, attribution and variance analysis.

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