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Business process modelling
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Business modelling

Gain a deeper understanding of your organisation by mapping out key processes and linking KPIs with value driver trees (VDTs) for real-time performance measurements. WiredUp’s VDTs can manage hundreds of nodes driven by various KPIs to give you an up-to-date understanding of any bottlenecks, inefficient operations and key value generators, empowering you to improve performance across your organisation.


Sensitivity analysis

Use sensitivity analysis to improve decision-making across your organisation by calculating which input KPI’s have the biggest impact on each business process model and see how each lever is affected when variance is introduced.


Attribution analysis

Identify performance and underperformance by comparing values across different KPIs to determine how fluctuations impact value drivers in your organisation. WiredUp’s attribution analysis allows you to compare control fields against analysis fields, giving you a better understanding of how business process model outcomes are affected by KPI variance.


Variance analysis

Discover performance across your business through variance analysis. Select individual percentage or absolute variance values per KPI and calculate how they impact the business process model outcome. This allows you to see the difference between planned and actual values, highlighting any areas that require attention or improvement.

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