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Pinpointed ~35% EBIT improvement for turnaround at a large and complex European refinery

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A client had found that external benchmarking had revealed significant performance gaps showing several metrics in the fourth quartile against its peers. Additionally, such gaps were developing at a time when European refineries began going through a phase of market and regulatory change that would lead to asset closures and ‘survival of the fittest’, making this diagnostic mission critical for the client.

Partners in Performance was engaged to conduct a rapid diagnostic with a team of industry experts, who were able to make very recommendations in the areas of production planning and optimisation, availability, maintenance, procurement and energy.

Key deliverables

  • Generated practical ideas and a roadmap to close the gap to top quartile performance, resulting in more than €188m of EBIT improvement
  • Delivered specific ‘wiring’ recommendations to ensure KPIs, processes and team alignment is put in place so that impact is sustained
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