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Built an agile, scalable organisation to deliver double-digit growth at a mid-size retailer

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Business challenge

Client was encountering challenges in achieving scale efficiencies and integrating prior acquisitio


A successful omnichannel retailer was challenged by their Board to maintain its top‑line growth trajectory while delivering a step‑change reduction in head office costs.

The leadership team were concerned key capabilities required to execute on challenging growth initiatives were missing in the organisation.

Business impact

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Top line solution

  • Aligned leadership team on key changes required to achieve a ~1 ppt cost reduction in support office to bring organisation in line with benchmarks without increase risk to top‑line growth
  • Detailed design of the new operating model and organisation, including

― Adjusted resource allocation to reflect strategic priorities

― Optimised reporting lines for scale and consistency vs. accountability and responsiveness (centralised some functions, dedicated resourcing in others)

― Redesigned key processes, accountabilities and ways of working to reflect changing business needs in the context of rapid growth

Key takeaway

Established a stronger focus on strategic priorities by reinvesting resources released in manual processing to new strategic capabilities.

Ensuring clear accountabilities and targeted implementation of agile ways of working accelerates decision‑making and rapid reprioritisation of effort.

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