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Defined viability and then implemented new operating model for platinum producer, leading to a 30% production increase by tonnes mined

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Our client, a Southern African diamond miner, was concerned about rising electricity cost and emissions and wanted to know whether renewable options would provide a suitably attractive energy solution for the next 30+ years. They also wanted to understand what strategies were available to transition to a lower carbon emissions footprint. 

Partners in Performance were engaged to assess a range of energy supply options and to develop a go-to-market strategy that would best support the client’s cost and environmental objectives. 

Key deliverables

  • Performed initial screening of renewable energy energy options 
  • Developed a robust, multi-faceted business case for an islandable, hybrid renewable solution 
  • Performed capital analysis, identified financing options 
  • Built a financial model with scenario and sensitivity analysis 
  • Developed a detailed roadmap for delivering a go-to-market