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23 October 2023

Partners in Performance in top three AFR most innovative companies

Partners in Performance has been named among the top three most innovative companies by the Australian Financial Review in its annual listing. The firm has been recognised for its Virtual Experts solution, which seeks to address the labour shortages heavy industries are experiencing. The consultancy and its prescriptive analytics arm, DataStories, developed an AI-driven adaptive platform for simulations and ‘what-if’ analysis which provides near real-time process setting recommendations to operators and supervisors.

"There is no single fix for the skilled labour shortages facing many organisations, but there are pathways that integrate new technology and empower workers to achieve high levels of performance," stated DataStories CEO Katya Vladislavleva. We believe our Virtual Experts will help change how organisations are run, with the potential to support clients in overcoming labour shortages by empowering operators to do more with less and learn new skills."

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