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16 August 2021

Partners in Performance buys data analytics specialist DataStories

Partners in Performance has beefed up its data analytics capabilities with the acquisition of DataStories, a fast growing Europe-based data science company.

Commenting on the acquisition, Skipp Williamson, Managing Director of Partners in Performance, said: “Digitisation and automation will continue to change the world and along with it how our clients operate and do business. With this acquisition, we further bolster our digital capabilities, enhancing our ability to help clients maximise performance and open up new sources of growth.” 

Based in Belgium, DataStories is a scale-up that helps companies with turning their big data into actionable insights. “Data is an asset which can unlock unseen opportunities for improved performance, innovation and competitiveness,” explained Katya Vladislavleva, the CEO and Founder of DataStories. 

“We also believe that the way to do this is not by handing over to data scientists but by augmenting and updating the skillsets of professionals and subject matter experts.” The firm’s DataStories platform is at the heart of this promise, providing professionals with an artificial intelligence based tool that enables them to understand and analyse data, and then rapidly turn information into visual dashboards and strategic insights.

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