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Press Articles | Meeting challenge of Australia’s “record infrastructure pipeline”

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31 May 2022

Meeting challenge of Australia’s “record infrastructure pipeline”

The potential for Australia’s “record infrastructure pipeline” to address some of the country’s most pressing challenges is dependent on structured support and investment from Government and industry leaders, says global management consulting firm Partners in Performance.

Australia is currently seeing unprecedented levels of infrastructure investment. The Australian government and states and territories have pledged a rolling $120 billion investment over the next 10 years in infrastructure projects.

However, project delivery is still challenged by significant cost overruns, seen across some of the largest projects over the past few years, according to Mohamed Abdulahi, a Director at Partners in Performance. He argues industry productivity must be revolutionised to combat the increasing size and complexity of projects, lack of market capacity and capability and rising labour and material costs.

“Construction has lagged in productivity growth relative to other sectors due to slower digital adoption, adversarial culture, and a lack of embedded disciplines to drive continuous improvement in operational efficiency,” says Abdulahi.

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