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15 August 2023

Mandatory climate reporting: 3 C’s for preparedness

As the landscape of climate reporting continues to evolve, Rob Fowler, Partner at Partners in Performance, stresses the impending impact of mandatory non-financial climate reporting on investors, financial institutions, corporations, and trusts.

With the acceleration of new reporting frameworks internationally and in Australia focusing on non-financial data (e.g., sustainability and climate metrics), Rob underscores the need for businesses to proactively assess their readiness. He highlights the importance of enhancing capability, capacity and credibility, which offer benefits beyond compliance. 

Strategic decisions can manage risks while driving performance improvements.

“The path to success lies in a proactive approach by all stakeholders, who must embrace this transformative change with foresight and preparation. By adapting to the evolving requirements, businesses will not only fulfil compliance mandates and minimise risk but will also unlock opportunities for sustainable growth and global alignment.”

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