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31 May 2022

Five tips for CFOs on decarbonisation

In this article, Skipp Williamson, Managing Director of global management consulting firm Partners in Performance, shares five considerations for CFOs on their journey to decarbonisation.

Decarbonisation is often perceived as an expensive undertaking that may benefit the environment, but little else when it comes to a business’ interest. Skipp Williamson explains this is no longer the case: “The good news is that the technology and energy alternatives now exist to make significant real emissions reductions not only achievable across industries, but also NPV positive.”

As the value focus broadens for CFOs, they must take a more strategic, future-focused view of clean energy transition. "There are financially viable ways to reduce carbon impact, and organisations that can assist.

Partners in Performance, for example, works with companies to identify concepts, assess feasibility, prioritise, fund and implement changes to benefit the business and the environment in tandem."

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