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2 October 2023

Expand FBT break to EV chargers, solar panels, batteries

Brian Innes, Director at Partners in Performance, is calling on the Australian government to expand the FBT exemption to cover the EV ecosystem and encourage take-up of the vehicles to help Australia meet its net-zero targets. The government made EVs more affordable for businesses and households in July of 2022 with legislation exempting them from FBT when provided to employees, whether they are used for personal or work purposes.

Under the scheme, only vehicles priced below a certain cost were eligible and it did not apply to other costs associated with using EVs. 

“Australians want to play their part in driving down global emissions but are often prevented from doing so because of the high upfront costs of not only buying an EV but also the cost of a battery at home and the solar panels required to ensure the EV is actually being charged with 100 per cent renewable energy.”

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