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10 May 2022

Driving operational effectiveness and organisational excellence

Can you tell our readers in what ways you are disrupting your industry?

Skipp Williamson: Twenty-five years ago, I started Partners in Performance with a focus on fully delivered impact that lasts. In order to do that, we’ve had to break free from the traditional consulting model in a few ways:

  • Having ‘skin in the game’ with our clients – we’re committed to tangible results and we demonstrate that commitment by being paid for the impact we deliver
  • Making changes with clients, not to them. We work alongside our clients throughout the consulting process to develop solutions that work for them
  • Working to break the consultant dependency model by ensuring an organisation has the tools, systems and capability to continuously improve on their own, after we’ve finished working with them

For us, it’s been a steady march of improving how we work with  our clients, and how to integrate our solutions into their systems, processes and behaviours so our work becomes an owned outcome that actually lasts. 

Over time, we have steadily built the digital tools we use to support this ongoing improvement for clients and the industries we serve.

This innovation is manifested in five areas:

  1. A value-based mindset that asks “What needs to be improved, so that our client doesn’t need to keep hiring consultants to assist with their challenges?” We take the time to understand what the issues are – not just in outcomes, but across the organisation – and then address the root drivers of those issues. We aim to truly drive positive impact and change where it is most needed. 
  2. Much of our work focuses on improving the ‘wiring’ of an organisation. The ‘wiring’ of an organisation is roughly defined by how it behaves and performs. Often, wiring is built unconsciously by companies, leading to mistakes that prevent them from achieving their goals and generating a huge loss of energy for all concerned. Taking a considered and deliberate approach, organisations can successfully hardwire desired employee behaviour by creating a demand for improvement and then defining the right way of working and the path of least resistance.
  3. We work extensively on coaching and building the right capabilities to help create lasting impact – ensuring that the organisation has the capability to continue to repair and improve processes after our work has ended. 
  4. We set clear expectations, laying out how the organisation is performing upfront and where their desired end state is. This has flow-on effects – the habits, skills and systems of delivery excellence create a major uplift in an organisation’s ability to be focused and deliver what really matters, fully and at pace.  Rather than pushing improvements into the organisation, we create a culture within our clients which seeks continual improvement.
  5. We engage our clients and their people in solution design, ensuring they understand and own the solutions. This accelerates the journey and helps to ensure it lasts. We also work to ensure leadership alignment, to provide clarity from the top down.

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