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3 April 2023

Decarbonisation drives Auckland's transport infrastructure

Auckland will look very different in the coming decades, thanks to the recently released Transport Emissions Reduction Pathway (TERP).

Mohamed Abdulahi, Director of management consultancy Partners in Performance, notes that Auckland's transport infrastructure represents the city's largest opportunity to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Transport currently constitutes 43.5 per cent of Auckland's total emissions.

"Cars represent more than two-thirds of transport-related emissions in Auckland, so reducing the impact of cars is the biggest lever to pull to realise New Zealand's climate change goals," says Abdulahi. "Electrification and changing transport modes will be the key to achieving this. Solutions include a greater reliance on Auckland's City Rail Link or, speaking longer term, the proposed light rail transport network."

Behaviour change is vital for Auckland to reach its emission reduction targets, which means Aucklanders using more public transport, and cycling and walking more.

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