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5 May 2022

Call to end carbon market 'greenwashing'

Amidst growing pressure on companies to show their commitment to a clean energy transition, warning signs are emerging around the dangers of taking ‘short-cuts’ to meet sustainability targets.

Relying on carbon credits to offset carbon emissions has often been criticised as a way for companies to demonstrate their “green credentials” without having to make meaningful changes to ensure a renewable and sustainable energy transition.

Recent news on the validity of carbon credit schemes has emphasised the need for companies to assess whether their own emissions reductions schemes are “greenwashing.” Unreliable carbon credit schemes may not represent real or new cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, and may actually hurt the environment by allowing corporations to purchase carbon credits instead of ensuring a transition to renewable energy.

The good news is that the technology and green energy alternatives now exist to make real emissions reductions not only achievable in nearly all industries, but also profitable.

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