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24 April 2023

EP.138 Aurora Energy Unplugged Australian Energy Market with Partners in Performance

Join Hugo Batten, Managing Director in Australia at Aurora, in an exciting episode of the podcast dedicated to the Australian Energy Market. With special guests Skipp Williamson, Managing Director at Partners in Performance, and Brian Innes, Global Technical Director specialising in Energy Transformation Practice, this episode delves into the challenges and opportunities for large energy users in Australia to decarbonise their electricity supply. Skipp Williamson, named by the Australian Financial Review as the 2019 most influential consultant, shares her insights on how she sees decarbonisation as an opportunity rather than a challenge for large energy users, which derives significant cost reduction and increased productivity. The discussion also touches upon the importance of hybrid solutions and supply chain optimisations for big industrial users in the global market, including South Africa and Europe.

The episode also explores the complex coal closure process in Australia over the last decade and the role of technology and service in driving energy transition. The podcast highlights Australia's strong policy thinking and appetite for change, while acknowledging that implementation may lag behind other countries like the U.K. and New Zealand.

The role of governance and the need for the right mechanisms and incentives for investment reliability are also discussed, with a focus on the quality of carbon offsets in Australia, praised globally due to policies like The Safeguard Mechanism, implemented by the Australian government to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial facilities in the energy sector.

Don't miss this informative and thought-provoking episode on the Australian Energy Market, packed with insights from industry experts and leaders in the field. Tune in now to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and policy landscape in Australia's energy transition journey.

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