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Vinoy Kumar

Vinoy Kumar


Australia and New Zealand


Summary Bio

Vinoy has over 30 years of experience as consultant and executive leader in financial services. He leverages his breadth of knowledge in transformation, performance improvement, value creation, and innovation to help organisations develop and implement effective and pragmatic strategic and operational interventions.

His operating experience and knowledge of emerging trends, and new business models enables him to provide solutions that integrate technology and innovations while accounting for organisational and human behaviour. Vinoy combines this with “wiring” to ensure impact is delivered, as it is the only impact that matters.

These are as relevant to solving problems of today as to reshaping organisations and business models for the future.

In his engagements Vinoy is guided by a simple belief: “Simpler, faster, and cheaper. Biggest opportunity sits in simplification, and simplicity of solutions.”


  • Value Creation and Performance Improvement
  • Operating Model Transformation
  • Innovation and Disruptive Business Models

Core Sectors

  • Financial Services
  • Digital Transformation


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Machine Learning and A.I – Columbia University
  • MBA
  • Computer Science
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