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Emilio de Pedro

Emilio de Pedro

Associate Principal

Latin America


Summary Bio

Emilio is an Associate Principal in Latin America, where he brings more than 20 years of combined academic, consulting and industry experience.

He has supported clients across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, The United States, New Caledonia, Peru and Spain. His work spans various industries, including shipping and ports, wind energy, chemicals and investment banking.

Before joining Partners in Performance, Emilio spent three years in wind energy business development, two years as Chief Operating Officer at IMPSA Port Systems, and five years as Chief Financial Officer at Solvay‑Rhodia’s Southern Cone operations. He also worked in academia for nine years as a Professor at the MBA Graduate School of Business of the Universidad de Palermo (Argentina), where he taught corporate strategy and business planning.

Emilio enjoys bringing a balance of interpersonal and analytical skills to his engagements. His clients appreciate the genuine partnership he offers, as well as his blending of soft skills and strong analytics. He provides energy and compassion, along with the ability to translate complex challenges into more easily understood solutions.


  • Operations Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Capital Projects

Core Sectors

  • Mining
  • Energy Transition
  • Pulp and Paper


  • MBA – University of Michigan (USA)
  • Attorney-at-Law (Honours), Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina)
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