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Case Study

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Business challenge

Our client needed to deliver lasting, long-term improvement in operating performance with a focus on three main organisation levers: efficiency and service levels in the call centre operations, productivity in the 'mortgage factory' and efficiency and effectiveness of shared functions.


A leading provider of outsource services to the financial services industry was experiencing an increasingly competitive environment. In particular, the company's BPO operations were facing increased price pressure from 'best short' solutions.

Business impact


in validated, run-rate EBIT improvement over the first year and $100m in 15 months (on an improvement pipeline of approximately $200m)


reduction in direct labour cost per unit in one area of a mortgage processing facility


reduction in procurement spend


reduction in real-estate space per FTE over a 12-month period


reduction in real-estate costs


Prioritise and implement a range of key initiatives with management, reducing unit costs by:

  • Improving utilisation
  • Reducing average call times
  • Increasing resolution rates (reducing repeat call rates, escalations and call volume while improving customer service levels)

Train frontline (Level 1) staff for improved real‑time resolution, implement short interval control and improve review processes to manage individual performance

Automate low‑value interactions

Modify scheduling parameters to ensure greater forecasting accuracy and shift staff mix to part‑time employees to improve the coordination of staffing to demand

Key Takeaway

  • Maximise call centre value by using the correct trade‑off between the benefits and the cost of each contact
  • Examine a range of levers at multiple levels of the organisation to drive value, such as utilisation, time per task, facility cost
  • Automate low‑value interactions and train frontline' level 1 staff for improved real‑time resolution, consequently improving customer service levels and reducing the cost of level 2 support
  • Implement meaningful KPIs, scorecards and reviews to drive real results that last in a wide variety of ‘high touch’ environments
  • Leverage flexible work practices (e.g. 'hot desking'), stay current on 'best practice' and reduce/remove personal 'offices' to reduce floorspace per FTE and associated costs
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