Case study

Case Study

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Business challenge

Our client was undertaking the largest justice reform in Australia to encourage early and appropriate guilty pleas in the criminal justice system


An Australian Commonwealth Government Department had experienced an increase in applications over the preceding three months.

This had led to growing cases of completion deficit despite additional staff being brought onboard and robust processes implemented.

Business impact

Developed KPIs

to measure the success of the reforms

Managed change

processes and communications across the criminal justice system agencies

  • Mobilised and ran the PMO to implement the reforms across the criminal justice system
  • Created technical requirements based on problem solving new/complex legal processes
  • Brought all agencies together including the Department of Communities and Justice, Police, Legal Aid, Public Prosecutors and courts administration for joint problem solving

Key Takeaway

  • Improved justice outcomes including increased number of pleas and earlier in timeframe
  • Clear and agreed management arrangements and tools across and between justice agencies
  • A fit for purpose governance model and resourcing plan
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