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Case Study

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Business challenge

Our client had a mandate to implement 150+ initiatives worth $20bn+ to uplift the quality of service in the country.


A large semi‑governmental entity was experiencing uncertainty on projects achieving strategic objectives. Targets were not being achieved on time due to slow execution and long decision‑making cycles with other stakeholders. Further, there was a limited focus on behaviours that lead to a direct and tangible impact on strategic KPIs.

Business impact


of the 140+ final initiatives approved for launch ahead of schedule


budget savings from refined initiative list, achieving the same impact with half the budget


Establish readiness with the government ecosystem stakeholders and which is aligned with their mandates

Develop prioritised master plan aligned with targets

Ensure the right 'wiring' and capability in place to support the implementation

Develop an internal management system to create accountability

Key Takeaway

Ensure alignment internally within the organization and in the ecosystem with other entities and stakeholders

Establish a PMO structure to manage the initiatives and easily report status upwards to key ministers

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