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Door of Hope

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Door of Hope is a non-profit organisation saving abandoned babies by finding them safe homes through uniting families, adoption or the Door of Hope Village.

Organisational purpose and mission statement

Save Abandoned Babies via their “baby boxes” and other network relationships. These include babies coming to them through:

  • ‘Option counselling’ with mothers

  • Partnerships with the police

  • Various hospitals where children are abandoned

Challenge faced by organisation

Many newborns in South Africa are abandoned by their mothers each year due to poverty, rape and abuse. Door of Hope is well known, having a large online following with many supporters. The challenge they faced was to convert these supporters into a consistent donor base. Due to sporadic donations, the organisations had a lack of planning and monthly budgets. They struggled to define the donor journey, meaning they lacked visibility on the effectiveness of donor interactions and had no clear route on how to communicate with their existing donors. As part of our Corporate Social Investment and to make a social impact, we were engaged to map out the donor journey.

What we did

  • Identified and addressed pain points in the donor journey and management systems

  • Developed the baby house to rebuild fundraising plan and project plan

  • Helped them understand their donor target market

  • Developed their corporate fundraising 'Pitch Pack'

  • Completed a donor management software comparison allowing the client to purchase a cost-effective tool to facilitate the donor journey processes

  • Enhanced their social media strategies and data analysis capabilities

  • Additional fundraise by the Partners in Performance team in Africa as part of the Superhero Challenge in 2021


Impact achieved

  • A prioritised list of initiatives to increase funding by 125%
  • Fully mapped out donor journey where all interactions with current and potential donors are clearly defined
  • Roadmap with action plans on how to unlock possible donation opportunities
  • Increased ease of payment for donors on social media sites through a mobile payment application
  • Software comparison that was cost-effective and would facilitate the donor journey
  • Additional R146,000 (approximately US$9,200) donations raised under the internal fundraising event
  • To learn more or to contribute to this great organisation, please visit

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    We actively reduce the climate impact from our operations and invest in community-based climate solutions to balance remaining carbon emissions