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Amigos do Bem, a non-profit organisation, are one of the largest social projects in Brazil, assisting more than 75,000 people in the hinterland of Alagoas, Pernambuco, and Ceará.

Organisational purpose and mission statement

Transform lives through education and self-sustaining projects, capable of promoting local development and social inclusion, eradicating hunger and misery through:

1. Education projects

2. Income generation

3. Providing access to water, housing and health services


Challenge faced by organisation

In Brazil’s Northeastern Hinterland, thousands of people in isolated villages face hunger, thirst and a total lack of health structure. Amigos do Bem was a welfare assistance model that worked to sustainably change life conditions in these regions. After a large and fast paced growth where operations expanded to three Brazilian states and included farms, production plants, distribution centers, schools and aid and support installations, they became concerned about money loss, information leakage and product quality. As part of our Corporate Social Investment and mission to make a social impact, we worked with their team to deliver a risk evaluation, find ways to eliminate or mitigate risks, and create a roadmap to deliver improvements and improve Amigos dos Bem’s critical processes.

How we helped

  • Ran a risk evaluation across 80% of Amigos dos Bem’s activities to uncover risks to the core activities of the organisation.

  • Reviewed their data management, fundraising, physical donations and planning and production processes for gaps and risks.

  • Identified 29 risks and classified them based on their impact to the organisation activities.

Impact achieved

  • Worked closely with the Amigo do Bem’s team to design high-level initiatives to eliminate or mitigate 25 of the 29 identified risks.

  • Built an Implementation Roadmap and approach to deliver the improvements and implement mitigation plans.

  • Created a ‘wiring’ diagnosis of helpful suggestions to improve Amigos Do Bem’s critical processes and reduce money loss, information leakage and ensure the services they provide are of the highest quality.

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We actively reduce the climate impact from our operations and invest in community-based climate solutions to balance remaining carbon emissions