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Case Study

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Business challenge

Our client needed to enhance customer service by improving the speed and accuracy of customer query handling, while reducing FTE headcount.


A multinational investment bank in Australia was seeking to improve its back‑office efficiency by reducing the volume of manual data entry and processing of customer data across numerous systems.

They formed an internal ‘Process Improvement’ team to identify and automate manual repetitive activities by assessing steps of the process against an automation potential framework, and configuring a robotic process automation solution to perform the identified activities through a process automation approach.

Business impact


reduction in processing time


headcount reduction identified


processing backlog cleared and business continuity ensured with no operational impact on existing systems


projected return on investment

  • Identify and drive idea implementation within the configuration team
  • Provide coaching support to the Process Improvement team on robotic process automation principles
  • Ensure customer issues are solved in a methodical manner

What I really loved was the process that Partners in Performance took us through to review and select suitable processes for automation and how well the team worked and collaborated with our team onsite. The behaviour this can drive in our teams is very exciting. It highlighted that different parts of the business need to provide higher quality data inputs to improve efficiency downstream.

Division Director, large commercial bank

Key Takeaway

  • Establish clear criteria up‑front to enable effective prioritisation of key processes suitable for automation
  • End‑to‑end process mapping with Subject Matter Experts is required to build use cases and applicable rules to support each process
  • Ensuring buy‑in with process owners and robust capability building is key to the client developing self‑sufficiency and delivering lasting impact
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