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About us

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Our purpose

Unleashing potential to achieve high performance

Our focus is to partner with our clients to drive high performance. We achieve this by drawing out the potential in people, coaching them to see their potential and empowering them to achieve it. This is where the magic happens, true transformation, when people reach further, achieving results often beyond what they thought possible.

Our story

Our story

A pioneering and entrepreneurial journey that continues today

"My life’s journey is about pushing boundaries. I love seeing people imagine something then driving it further. For me it’s ensuring we are always, individually and collectively, pushing some boundary, inventing something different and/or challenging the thinking."

- Skipp Williamson, Managing Director and Founder.

Our story begins with a vision and ambition to create a different type of management consulting firm.

After five years of consulting at McKinsey & Company, Skipp Williamson became convinced there was a better way to deliver value to clients. In 1996, she made the bold decision to launch her own firm. She wanted to go beyond delivering a smart strategy, which she saw as only a starting point, to create a consultancy committed to driving high performance across all levels of the organisation. Partners in Performance was founded on genuine partnership with clients to unleash their full potential and achieve operational excellence, delivering measurable value and lasting impact, every time.

Skipp has an established reputation for being straight-talking and candid about how organisations can improve their operations. Her pragmatic and practical approach is the bedrock of Partners in Performance and now part of our firm’s DNA. We thrive on ‘rolling up our sleeves and working alongside client teams – from the front line to the Boardroom – making material change happen at all levels of the organisation.

We have come a long way since serving our first Pulp and Paper client in Europe 25 years ago. Our rapidly growing 650-person team is led by 40 Directors across seven regions – the Americas, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australasia.

Thoughtful, but quick to react, we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the game – proactively looking for opportunities to create value through continuous improvement, innovation and growth.

How we work

Making meaningful and lasting change happen through authentic partnership

The driving force behind the impact we help organisations achieve, is the way we work with you as our client partners. We help you execute your strategy and build a high performance organisation. What makes us stand out is our focus on getting the result through effective collaboration.

Our partnership with INSEAD

As part of our commitment to building high performing teams, we have partnered with INSEAD to deliver a capability-building program that combines formal training and on-the-job coaching to help your people build the skills needed to lock in the gains we make with you, and acquire the competence to drive improvement both now, and long after we have left.

Digitally designed, the ‘Leading Continuous Improvement’ online course is the first of its kind, co-created with content from both a consulting firm and INSEAD academics.


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